events, meetings, festivals (english)

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events, meetings, festivals (english)

Lugemata postitus Postitas mazaisliepa » 14 Juun 2012, 21:20

Hi there neighbours :)
Last year I was very delighted to enjoy Old Volkswagen Festival in Sultsi. So I'd like to know what's already in plan and what is being planned for this summer in Estonia?

Sorry if I'm breaking any forum rules, it's all because language barrier is big and Google translate does very bad job translating Estonian to Latvian (or English) :roll:

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Re: events, meetings, festivals (english)

Lugemata postitus Postitas Tanel » 15 Juun 2012, 00:18

This year's Oldschool meet was just last weekend :)

But up next is the Summer cruise 14.-15. July. Starts from Pärnu and ends a little bit more near Latvia :D. The linked topic is in Estonian, but there's a link to the map with planned route. Short description of the cruise "checkpoints": museum of old vehicles in Virtsu, glass production museum in Järvakandi, radio broadcast museum in Türi, a little "hell" in Tori (a sandstone outcrop and a cave). The cruise ends in Jõulumäe with camping and barbecue.

Edit: you didn't break any forum rules.. the topic is just in the right place ;)
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Re: events, meetings, festivals (english)

Lugemata postitus Postitas vredestein » 15 Juun 2012, 10:47

miks ma siis närvi ei pea minema kui niisugune jant siin käib
Vanakooli volkarid looduskaitse alla!!! Kui midagi vaja siis helista 5045339